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anyone own wow? tell me im looking to play wow again but i wanna play with someone that plays alot, so message me ill make a new toon to play with you
i havent been on da alot and i havent been talking alot to much of the people i use to but what ive been aske alot is who am i and how did i become the person i am, the lovable nice go hearted person......

its not easy.... most of my friends look at me as someone fun and wanna hang out with, but in reality im only like i am because of my family back round and my poorly made decisions, people think im that crazy kid thats young in heart and makes alot of people laugh all the time and plays games, but really im one of those people who have no time and who have nothing really to gain in life then making a impact on others, i look happy i act happy i sound happy but in reality i have mental break downs least 3 times a day when my mind over thinks stuff, and it dosent help being single not saying having someone there would make my life a lot better but it helps sometimes when i have someone who i can go to and i can trust with every word and every thing i have going on in my life, but for now im really just a person who works alot, trys to make his friends happy, and dosent give 2 shits about him self as long as i can keep the people i love happy. ive lost friends.. alot of them but now i focuse on my main friends and sometimes random people on da, so to shout out to the people whove been there for me pre much my whole life on da.

thank you :iconredsunatdawn::iconravencriesblood::iconfish-dicks:
people have asked me questions before which i would like to share some are stupid and all of them are real questions and answers.

1. whats the weirdest thing you had with a GF?  "me and brandy had a thing where we both liked cold pizza so we would stick it in the freezer to cool it off"
2. who was your best GF/GF's? "brandy, raven, and sharky where my best GF i ever had so far the only real life gf i ever had that was good to me was my one gf in gr 9"
3. who would you date? "i will not answer that just for the fact i dont want people going ' you 2 should hook up'
4. are you single? "yes i am but im currently talking to someone so"
5. would you date someone right now? "no due to the fact i lost brandy in a really hurtfull way and i had to break it off made it 10x worse on the both of us"
6. whats your career? "i dont know what a career has to do with love but i mig weld for a living and i believe i said this earlier in my past journals"
7. have you had sex? "nap still a virgin, and its not all that bad it really didnt not change my life, i mean having sex isnt gunna be like changing your facial strutter or making you a new man."
8. who would you date? "i would only date someone that is close to me or i know really well right now sorry"
9. are you a good bf? "i would say i am because i dont cheat, but i cant say im like perfect, all i can say is that i am a good bf but i have alooooot of flaws"
10. whats your ideal gf? "i like girls who spend time with me and do stuff i like to do not saying BE LIKE ME but i mean have things in common that i do, example video games or something i dont even care just 1 thing in common that we do alot of."

so yea thats it if you wanna re do this journal be my gues i really dont care just figured id post something since ive been dead on here lol.
damn it lexi selfy tagg -_- by badassstunts
damn it lexi selfy tagg -_-
Tagged by :iconredsunatdawn: fuck you fuck you fuck you.

i tagg :iconfish-dicks: :iconravencriesblood: and :iconmunchkincatinmadness: yea thats right!

oh wait i forgot heres the mofo

<da:thumb id="491842600">

Someone will start the game. They will post a selfie, and tag at least 3 people.
These three people will have 24 hours to post a selfie. 
If not, the chain "breaks" and will either start over or be passed onto someone else.

1. The person you tagged has only 24 hours to post a selfie, no more!
2. You can only delete the selfie in 48 hours!
3. You must show the person who tagged you before with the selfie they posted!

IDGAF if i was late i still do this shit B-) 
20140919 204752 by badassstunts
20140919 204752
Living life day by day in the life of gray and shame

Needed something to post enjoy i guess lol
anyone own wow? tell me im looking to play wow again but i wanna play with someone that plays alot, so message me ill make a new toon to play with you


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so many things so many people.... and when i play League of legends :iconcannotevenplz:

Dubstep/dj cody:…

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